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How to Prepare for an Art Exhibit

One of the most crucial events that we handle is an art exhibit. Although every event is unique in its own, we have particular care when it comes to supporting an art exhibit because of the criticality of handling art. Since the art is going to be sold to potential clients and we recognize all the efforts that the artist had to go through to create the masterpiece, we extend our hard work to make sure to deliver beyond expectations. We don’t want to just give voucher codes or promo codes to compensate for a mishap or failure. We make every event like our own.

How should one prepare for an art exhibit?

  • Things to do before the show

The bulk of the things to do comes before the show. You have to set the date and the time that you want your exhibit to happen. You want your buyers to be present during the event. It should be the most convenient time for them. You also have to choose the venue to display the artwork. This is crucial in terms of comfort and protection. Your goal is to make buyers stay as long as you want them to stay in the exhibit. This means that the rooms should be well-lit, well-ventilated, and have enough space to move around.

The venue that you choose should be able to accommodate all the art. It must have all the storage needed for the other stuff that the artist brings. This includes additional paintings to display if in case art is sold immediately before the event even starts.

You should also think about the concept of the show. What is the title that you want to be displayed outside the exhibit? What title should you put on the tickets? This is essential because this will set the mind of the art enthusiasts before the actual event of what they should expect.

You also have to take photos for marketing purposes. You have to talk to newspapers and other social media influencers to promote and advertise your event.

If you plan on getting a caterer for your guests, you have to do so months before the event because it is a hassle to find a good one in just days or weeks before your exhibit.