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Related Services

Events are something that should not be taken lightly. Without a concrete plan and enough resources, events can turn into a total failure. This is why we always recommend people and companies to get professionals to work on their events. But aside from events planning, we also have other services that clients can take advantage of. Take note that first-time clients can get discounts on their events when they hire us to manage them. We will give you voucher codes for your special discounts.

Exhibit management

Exhibit management involves a huge hall, a lot of manpower to transfer paintings or other exhibits from source to destination, and carefully ventilated room so that no products or items will be ruined or damaged. This is a greater reason why you should get people like us to handle your exhibits. We have all the resources available that can be utilized for your special event. We know that this is not like any event. And we go to great measures to make sure that everything goes as smooth as possible.


If you do not have the means to do marketing for your event, we are offering you our marketing and design services. With our technical group in marketing and design, we can create your tickets, your posters, your advertising both online and in your area. We can reach your desired clients in no time. Our marketing skills and experience will get you the upper hand. We will give you recommendations on the best strategy to choose to get your audience in their seats. We do not use the same marketing style for every company. All are customized based on the needs of the company.

Kiosks and Promotions

For those who want to promote their events in other conferences and conventions, you can hire us to create kiosks and put up tents for you. We have partner sites that make customized tents which produce ones with your logos on them. This is not only good promotion as is but you can also reuse this tent over and over again during your special events.